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Bill Carr, owner of the WM. CARR Salon, offers the following Five Favorite Hair Trends and Tips so readers of D Beauty can be in the swim and make a big splash in the Summer of 2008:

1) Posh pool position: “For Summer 2008 I recommend that my customers apply a conditioner to their hair like they would apply a gel for a wet look while poolside or on the beach. The effect is cool and confident and looks great on men or women… and the conditioner is nourishing for the hair roots, follicles and hair shaft,” says Carr.

2) “Graduated bobs provide fun, festive Summer 2008 hair fashion and looks fantastic,” Carr says. “A graduated bob adds seasonless style for ladies of all seasons, plus it’s cool and lightweight.”

3) “Sleek is key to the new summer hairstyles,” continues Carr. “Smooth and sleek hairstyling with added volume reflects light on any hair length for ultimate shine. Sleek hairstyling adds up to casual sophistication and effortless style.”

4) “Highlighting is spotlighted for Summer 2008,” says Carr. “Highlights are now natural – no deep streaking effects. Natural highlights frame the face beautifully and go with summer’s flow.”

5) Big Bang Theory: “Bangs are very big for Summer 2008,” Carr comments. “Bangs are longer, not short or cropped or flat on the forehead. All eyes in the summer of 2008 are focused on long, wispy side swept bangs. Wispy side swept bangs accompanied by a ponytail goes from casual daywear to evening formal with a simple change of hair accessories.”

Bill’s last words for Summer 2008: “Don’t forget to condition, condition, condition! Look for conditioning products that nourish hair along with protecting hair from harmful UVH rays.…Then go have some fun…let you hair down and LET IT SHINE!”


(Dallas, Texas) “Art is a visual medium and so is hair design,” says Bill Carr owner of the newly renovated WM. CARR Salon at 3301 Oak Lawn Avenue. “All of the elements of art apply to hair sculpture: color, style, shape, contrast, movement, texture, etc.”

Indeed, Bill Carr began his career as a ceramicist. What led him to hair design was his ability to translate the principals of art into unique hair creations. “The difference now is that I design living works of art. The joy I receive from seeing my clients’ transformation and their resulting happiness is indescribable."

The salon’s artistic philosophy has insured its success. After fifteen years in business, the WM. CARR Salon enjoys unprecedented customer loyalty, repeat clientele and a satisfied, long tenured staff. The WM. CARR Salon plays host to some of the city’s most outstanding civic and community leaders. Clients routinely pass their children and grandchildren into his creative team’s capable hands.

In addition, because of the salon’s original approach and its corresponding day to day main objective (to have clients leave the salon putting their best face forward), Bill Carr has been able to assemble one of the most dynamic and talented creative team of fourteen professional stylists, colorists, manicurists/pedicurists and cosmetologists in the Southwest: Casey, Diana, Elana, Garrett, Gary, Holly, Jaime, Jess, Joseph, Leah, Monica, Richard, Roberto and Tony.

The majority of the WM. CARR Salon creative team members have earned top credentials from leading industry schools and regularly participate in advanced and continuing education. Several have worked in the advertising and the fashion industries before becoming a stylist, colorist, cosmetologist, or manicurist/pedicurist. Many regularly work with celebrity clientele. (See attached resumes).

“Bill Carr’s genius lies not only in his creativity, but also in his ability to draw out the best in others whether they are clients or employees. He sees the potential in everyone and appreciates people who express their authentic nature,” says his life partner MichaelPappas.

“Ours is a service business,” affirms Bill Carr. “One must demonstrate the hallmarks of excellent service: Integrity, honesty and being on time. Our creative team respectsour clients and the profession each team member has chosen. The WM. CARR Salon in turn provides our team members an atmosphere of harmony to freely express their creativity. The results are happy clients.”

During season changes clients often request hairstyles that will withstand the test of time yet appear fresh and current. However, just like art, some clients like avant-gardelooks while others prefer a more classic approach. Listed below (in no particular order) are Ten Top Tips for Seasonless Hair Care and Styling from WM. CARR Salon:

1) Be true to yourself. Just because Brittany, Cher, Paris or Christina has turned into a platinum blond or brunette and it’s all the rage right now it may not necessarily be the best shade for you. Your colorist will help you select a shade to enhance your natural coloring.

2) One solid hair color looks fake and unflattering. Instead use highlights and lowlights to create shimmer and depth.

3) Blunt geometric lines are fashion forward.

4) Curls and soft romantic waves are back!

5) Perms add lush locks.

6) Don’t be afraid to use rollers or curling irons for evening looks featuring flattering “whisps” of curls.

7) Your “do” is a “don’t” when it’s not age appropriate. As one ages one should slightly lighten one’s hair color and use highlights.

8) While in the sun or exercising always cover your hair with a hat, scarf or apply product to prevent color oxidation from exposure to the light. Ask your WM. CARR Salon stylist for the product appropriate for you.

9) Swimming pools and salt water all act as bleaching agents. Use product to remove the chlorine or salt from your hair to protect your hair color.

Eating healthily is essential for healthy hair and nails. According to Dr. Jackie Dano of Austin, Texas the lack of nutrients, vitamins and an excessive intake of protein leads to poor hair and nail health. A balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables is key to maintaining shiny hair and healthy nails.

Bill Carr concludes, “Like art, hair styling and hair care is seasonless. Our goal at WM. CARR Salon is to create living works of art on behalf of our clients so that they will feel as beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside.”

The WM. CARR Salon is located at 3301 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite C in Dallas, Texas 75219. To arrange your exclusive appointment please call (214) 520-0116. Web site: www.wmcarrsalon.com. For more information, please contact Lisa Hart Willis at (214) 368-0080 or at publicrelations@lisahartwillis.com.